Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Airline Emergencies

If airlines and no one else cares about whats reported accurately on In Flight emergencies than we will start right here. Post any issue you had on airline. What if anything was done to comfort you? Did you witness any event?

If we can pay Millions of dollars a year for Flight Marshall's who carry but cannot shoot in a plane without risking the lives of those with in 20 fee tor so of the target and hopefully the bullet does not penetrate at close range and either going through the airplane or YOU

Why can't we afford to have In Flight EMT Air Medics. I think more emergencies arise ffrom health and illness than Threats and outburst.

Want to be a part of the first group to speak out join me live online ( Coming Soon hang in Site being developed completed today )

Email me editor@inflightCPR if you would like to run the Coming Soon Web Site

What you learn here could save your life up there

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